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  Thank you for trying out Tactile Interrogator.


Click Here to Download



Have fun!


  "; } if ($PleaseDownload) { tprint("some answers "); if ($UnixType == "other-other") { SaveAnswersInFile(); SaveAnswersInDB(); print "Unfortunately, we don't have a port for that platform. "; print "Your choice has been registered, however. "; print "Interrogator is very portable to Unix machines "; print "so there's hope. You can always prod us by sending "; print "email to

"; print "You might want to download another version.

"; $NoSuchPlatform = 1; } // should be some good answers, make sure $len = strlen($Email); if ($len) { $atPos = strpos($Email, '@'); $dotPos = strpos($Email, '.', $atPos); //tprint("dotpos $dotPos atpos $atPos len $len "); if (!$atPos || !$dotPos || $atPos < 2 || $atPos > $len-2) $EmailError = "We need a REAL email address. " . "'$Email' isn't good enough."; } //if (!$HumanName) // $HumanNameError = "Please enter a real name"; //tprint("ner[$HumanNameError] eer[$EmailError]"); //tprint(""); $GoodAnswers = !$HumanNameError && !$EmailError && !$NoSuchPlatform; } if ($GoodAnswers) { tprint("good answers "); SaveAnswersInFile(); SaveAnswersInDB(); //global $secStr; // decide on the security string MakeSecStr(); MakeSymlink(); // cant get this to rowk SendEmail(); //IncludeInMsg(); } else { // else continue with the rest of the form tprint("bad answers"); ?>

To download the software, please enter your name and email.

Name: $HumanNameError"; ?>

$EmailError"; else print ""; ?>

We will send you, by email, the URL to download.

Yes, you are being added to our mailing list. You can always remove yourself from our mailing list, just click on Mailing List on the side here. But stay on the list! When we cook up a new rev, we will send you an email so you can download it.

We do not sell our email lists and we do not spam you. (Over the course of 2004, we sent a total of 9 emails to the members on our list.)

What platform do you want to run Interrogator on?
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Versions Available         Changes in Recent Versions

System Requirements:
Macintosh version: Mac OS X.2     more info
Linux version: 2.4, libc 6     more info
Solaris version: 8, 9     more info

Installation Instructions:
Just unzip the downloaded zip file and run it!
More installation information for Mac or for Linux & Solaris .

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