Allan Bonadio's Web Page

Hi, my name is Allan Bonadio, this is my personal web site.

I'm a software developer. I've done some interesting things, mostly in mathematical software. This is my resume, and this is a company that currently publishes my biggest work (historically).

I don't have many good digitized pictures of myself but here are some.

Some stuff that's less than a decade old. Oh, gosh, it is more than a decade old, I guess.

Trip Reports

I like to travel. The biggest reason is that I almost always end up on some adventure that was unexpected. (Sometimes described as "trouble" but it makes a great story.) Then I get home and write about it. And, these days, "writing" means "making a web page".

I went to South East Asia in the Summer of 1997. I spent two and a half months there, and I took about 700 pictures, about a third of which are on this website. NO KIDDING, this is like 92% of the bytes in my personal website here.

I went to the Yucatan peninsula for christmas 1996.

I go to europe every so often. Well, I used to. I had a really interesting time in Berlin. I'm including the write-up here mostly because, well, it's already typed in and therefore easy to stick into this web site. Allan's Adventures in Berlin

This is a time I attended a sharkfeed, while scuba diving.

Several times I went to the Burning Man festival. Check it out! Allan's Adventures at Burning Man 1995. I went back for more punishment at Burning Man 1996 and 1997 and 1998. I guess I got tired of it.

Hey, dude! What's a nerdy guy like me doin' with a surf board in his hands? Allan, Surfer Dude

This is someone else's adventure. I wasn't there. This is word of mouth. OK, word of email. But of course the words change over time. Jennifer in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Cartoonists I Like

Ted Rall is really irreverent, here's some I like.

Tom Tomorrow
has a neater style, but that's not what's important. What's important is the gifs I snarfed off the net. He has a real name, I dunno, Something Perkins. Dan Perkins? I think that's it.


I'm a Dilbert fan, too. If you've never worked in an office and never worked in a computer company, you might not get the humor.

Other Stuff

Yep, I'm a mac user. Hey, they're just cheaper. After you count in the time you spend messing around, trying to get stuff to work.

Here's some movie reviews, some mine and some others. Unfinished, just like everything else.

Why California? Why not live in New York? Or Florida? Boston? Or, um, Texas? There's several reasons why I like living in northern california. This is one of the reasons.The SF bay area is the dimple, 2/3 of the way up the california coast.