Tactile Interrogator 1.5

Tactile Interrogator is the first graphical command shell designed for power users, providing a rich graphical file view of the Unix file system.

Although similar to other file managers, it uses colored icons, in different sizes, to give the user an informative picture of a directory at a glance, highlighting recent changes, excessive disk consumption, or unprotected files, even if buried subdirectories below.

Detailed information displays include all file dates, all status words, descriptions of each file in a chain of symlinks or aliases, and aggregates over directory contents - not just size, but earliest and latest dates, most and least restrictive permissions, and deepest and widest subdirectories. Information is cached for rapid access, and there are keystrokes for most operations.

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New Feature: ACLs (Linux & Solaris only)

age inheritance

Watch the directory Additional Desktop Pictures. At first, it's old - all the files in it were installed with the operating system more than a year ago.

If we go and change one file inside, the file becomes yellow, because its date is suddenly new again. But notice also how each parent directory also becomes yellow - something was changed inside, and therefore the directory was effectively changed.

Whenever you find a yellow directory, you know something inside was changed recently. By opening up subdirectories, you can drill down and see exactly what was changed.