What is the Theorist Plugin?       


Mathematical Web Pages

A Theorist file viewer that runs through Netscape/IE so you can see and play around with Theorist notebooks that are on a particular website. Like, for instance, this website.

This Netscape plugin version of Theorist cannot do everything that full Theorist can do; it is designed for viewing notebook files that have been already written.

Theorist is now named "LiveMath" and is being published by Theorist Interactive LLC of Cambridge Mass, USA. Please go to this website to download the plugin, for Mac or Windows.



You can not only see the notebooks, but you can rotate the 3d graphs, you can scroll the 2d graphs, you can even click and type and edit the equations and see the graphs change and other algebraic derivations be re-derived. Just poke around with the mouse to see how it works.

Balloon help or ToolTips can help you learn about the software.


You do NOT need Theorist to use this; the intent is that this is a give-away viewer program that actually does some limited math. Because it's just a viewer, you can't save any of your changes back to the web site. You can, however, save a notebook you are working on locally on your machine, and use the commercial version of Theorist to edit it; just use the contextual menu you get when you click in any Theorist view.

If you have Theorist, you can use it to make a web site of your own.

How do Graphs Work?

Internally, graphs are described with a nonprocedural programming language. If you already have this plugin installed, you can learn how this works at our How do Graphs Work? page.