How I made this website

In a hurry. I did a lot of crude cutting and pasting.


The photos were done with two kinds of cameras:

When I got back I had it processed by PhotoCD. (This is a Kodak thing; surf to and wander around if you care.) They give you a CD with like more than ten megabytes for each image. Costs between $1 and $2 per frame, expensive. I had two different shops do it; the ones that did the best job I thought were the ones that specialized in that process, rather than the local foto-wiz mall place, and they were about the same price. I recommend the place in Mountain View, on castro street west of California st.

I loaded them into Photoshop 4 on my PowerMac 7100/80. Most required Sharpening and some Level adjustment. The underwater ones needed separate RGB Level adjustment; typically the Red is really low and the Blue is too high. Various doctoring and experimentation was left in place on different images; I can't remember.

Many of the images are really horrible but in many cases these were digitally rescued from things that barely showed up on print.


Most of the text I wrote, sitting at my computer, months after I came back. To help me remember, I had the pictures, emails, and notes I had written to myself at the time (I kept a small notebook).

Some of the text consists of emails, and pieces of emails, I sent back from cybercafes I visited (most of which I mentioned). (These places come and go; check the web before you leave.) I had copies sent to my personal email at home, and retrieved them when I got back. I carried no bits with me when I was traveling.


A real camera, that could do exposure, would have made a big difference in the photography. And of course modern cameras can do so much more.

Taking a digital camera along would have meant no scanning and instant development. But, some of the really high resolution photos would have been impossible.

A laptop would have greatly streamlined the process; I could have written web pages as I enjoyed sunsets, rather than writing notes for later and having all of this work to do. And then I could have uploaded pieces at a time, while still on the trip.
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