Toraja Scenery country road

Hiking Around

The best thing to do in Torajaland is to hike around. These photos are from the times we did that.

Toraja Scenery cow bath Now run out and give Bessy a bath.

Toraja Scenery field & forest The flat areas were turned to rice fields. The other areas were left forest.

Toraja Scenery forest & field

Toraja Scenery grave house You can't see it very well but in this house is a maniquin of the person whose memorial it is. Sitting in a chair, just the way he wanted to be remembered.

Toraja Scenery grave site Lots of gravesites are dug out of the sides of rocks.

Toraja Scenery grave site And often they had offerings there. Their religion is a strange mixutre of Christianity and their older animist beliefs. Sometimes it seems like they just took whatever they did before and stuck a cross on it.

Toraja Scenery greg & grave This is what you get when you use unskilled photographers. I guess that means me. This is a grave that's been recently carved out of the stone but not filled yet. You can climb inside (if you were so inclined).

Toraja Scenery haircut Speaking of professionals, a young girl gives her brother a haircut.

Toraja Scenery hoof
In a village we found this kid with his plaything. It's a hoof of a buffalo, on the end of a stick, tied with a rope. Delightful.

Toraja Scenery horns The horns in the front of this house relate some sort of status. Maybe it's number of bulls killed or something. I dunno.

Toraja Scenery Julie I caught this shot of Julie, Dave's wife, with the mountain in the background.

Toraja Scenery kids
Little kids who probably didn't want to be photographed.

We found this one group of kids trying to fly a kite made from plastic bags.

click for larger picture Toraja Scenery mountaintop

Toraja Scenery toraja kids The kids were friendly and invariably would say "Hello" or "Hello Meestah". You wave back and say "Hello" and they all giggle and wave back.

Toraja Scenery toraja roof This is the kind of roof that the Torajas are famous for. They put them on their houses and also they make some sort of stilt suspended grain towers with roofs like that.

Toraja Scenery toraja villiage We followed signs to this "traditional toraja village". After we had spent time milling around, they had us sign a guest book and then they charged us a few thousand rups. (less than a dollar)

Toraja Scenery view We were up in the hills of Tanah Toraja.

Toraja Scenery view

Toraja Scenery waterworks Primitive Aquaduct.
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