Pictures of Allan & Friends

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I originally started this page because I had almost no pictures of myself anywhere. So they're accumulating. Not like I'm an egotist or anything.

Just Me!
Me, a year after college graduation ☞
Dave, Gary, Dave and Allan

☜About the same time, traveling to Florida with Dave, Gary, Dave and me. That's Dave C. on the left and Dave C. next to me.

This one was a rare professionally done photo. Summer 1999.☞

summer 2000

☜Another professionally done photo, taken summer 2000.

This is a picture of me contemplating my career at Burning Man in late 1997. ☞ Yeah, everybody wore goofy hats.

This is a picture of myself in Hong Kong, the morning of May 26, 1997. ☟ I had just arrived in southeast asia, I was totally burned out from flying and jetlag (the flight took off on May 24th, although May 25th lasted just two hours). I had just walked three miles across town, already had had a credit card swallowed by a bank machine, and had yet to check into my hotel. I had never even been to asia before. Plane tix still in shirt pocket. Knapsack in lower corner. Taken by some passer-by who spoke English. Go here for the full story.

This is me preparing my favorite: poached lava lamp. Mmmmm! The shirt is crucial for a precise calculation needed later on in the recipe. 1998.

I think this one was me joining a dating service in 1992. Yeeesh, the hair.

Pete and Wendy

Sometimes I consider these guys part of my family. This is Wendy with their new son, Martin.

Hmmm... no pictures of Pete. That's what you get for being the photographer.


Candice and Me

This is Candice. We dated for a little while but somehow it turned into a friendship. Everybody who meets Candice likes her, she's sweet and friendly and insightful. She was born and raised in China and her original name is Yan Ding.

More pictures... as they arrive. (As I dig them out of the usual apartment debris.)

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